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Missions of Trinidad and Jesus

Reducciones Jesuiticas | Receptivo
The Jesuit Missions of Trinidad and Jesus, in the Republic of Paraguay, are only 50 kms from Encarnación. With a very particular style, it has been preserved over time, and today we have changed many...

Missions of San Ignacio

Reducciones Jesuiticas | Receptivo
The classic and best known of the cultural monuments of humanity, San Ignacio was completely restored and allows you to see in detail the work of the order of the Jesuits and the Guarani. You can´t miss...

Cross Theme Park in Santa Ana

Reducciones Jesuiticas | Receptivo
Theme park of the cross Very close to Posadas and San Ignacio, it combines nature and technology. Huge 80-meter iron cross with spectacular viewpoints, butterfly garden and orchid garden, amphitheater and...

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